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Ristaurant Il Chiostro


Il Ristorante Il Chiostro is the ideal place for a special dinner with friends, a business lunch or for a party.

Dining under the porch of the cloister admiring the bell tower of the XVth century is a suggestive and romantic experience as living The atmosphere of the ancient refectory, the frescoed hall, with the frescoe of the Last Supper cenacle.

Our simple and local cooking will delight our guests with the typical flavours of the Tuscan traditional kitchen, respecting the ingredients and the seasons.

A large parking is free for the Restaurant’s guests.

sala Affreschi Ristorante .jpeg
Capodanno al Chiostro delle Monache

Il Chiostro events


If you are searching the best location for the most important day of your Life, or for a meeting, an exhibition or a workshop, our frescoed hall is the ideal place, because it offers a mix of historical medieval atmosphere and modern furnitures, that make all your events unforgettable.

We can serve dinners, aperitives, buffet in the ancient inner cloister of the convent.

We can also organize a civil wedding or a party in the garden in the middle of the Nun’s Convent or in the smaller Friar’s cloister.

For meetings and workshops the froescoed hall can accomodate

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